There is a lot to the business of being a writer besides just getting words on the page. We have to think about everything from improving our craft to taxes to building a platform. And for the most part authors have to learn these skills on their own. Sure you can take classes on creative writing, but there is not degree program out there on how to be a successful author. It’s the school of hard knocks for must of us.

Where do you find resources for learning the business of being a writer?

Google. (Isn’t that how we find everything these days? – What in the world did people do before the internet?) But as a writer, we are readers too and we all know that we can gain comfort, enjoyment, and knowledge from books. But where can an author find How-to books about the business of being and author without spending hours searching the internet and Amazon?

Announcing Coffee Break Publishing!

The Coffee Break Publishing logo which is a stylized cup of coffee

Diane Whiddon and I have teamed up to teach, consult and write books to help authors be successful entrepreneurs.

The aim of Coffee Break Publishing is to create and release books on the business of being an author that will help writers succeed at entrepreneurship and still have time to write.

Our first books will be on topics that so many authors have chronic fears of: Social Media and Author Websites.

In the future we plan to release Coffee Break Guides on:

  • Specific social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Business plans
  • Book Marketing
  • Newletters
  • Self-Publishing
  • and Passive Income streams


If you have more ideas on guides you’d like to see from Coffee Break Publishing let us know via the contact page. In the meantime check back on the website every month to see what our newest titles are to help you succeed.