You know those little boxes that are under your landing page picture on your fan page?

How the heck do you get those to do anything besides show photos, videos and likes?

I’ve been researching exactly that!

And all I can say is oi. Could Facebook have made it any harder? Probably.

Grumpy cat's happy face when he learned how to do Facebook customized tabs (it's not very happy looking)

But, never fear!

Here are two quick and easy ways to add some custom tabs to your page to help readers and fans get to know you and your books a little better.

Freebooksy: We Love Free Ebooks, We help you find them.

FreeBoosky has a very easy to use app that allows Facebookers to read an excerpt from your book. Readers will get a glimpse of your bio, with options to join your mailing list and/or share you with their friends. They’ll see your books with a buy link and the option to download a free chapter. You can even list any signing or books talks you’re doing so fans can come see you in real life.

The best part of this app is it’s ease of use. It’s very user friendly and if you have any trouble using it FreeBoosky has a page on their website to talk you through it. Click on the FreeBooksy logo to go straight to their app page.



Goodreads: Book reviews, recommendations, and discussion

You’ve listed your book on Goodreads and claimed your author page, right? Right.

Next step is to add the Goodreads tab to your Facebook page. This one is a piece of Easy Bake Oven cake.

First make sure you’re logged into Facebook on your fan page. Now go to your author dashboard on Goodreads. (The link to your dashboard should be right there on the top right handside when you login to Goodreads.)

Scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard to the section that says Facebook Page Tab. Now, just follow their directions. Voila!

When fans click on this tab they’ll see your bio, books by you, reviews of your books and other fun stuff from Goodreads like books you’re reading.


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Tell us, dear readers and writers: Have you discovered any other quick and easy Facebook tabs? Or have you used a service to create customized tabs for your Facebook page? Let us know what worked and what didn’t!



Happy socializing,

Amy Denim