It’s New Year’s resolution time again.

A writer holding her 2013 goals says "I didn't make half my goals in 2013. Good thing I have the Coffee break Guide to Business Plans for this year!" She's holding a copy of that book in her hand.

Do you have some of these writing career goals on your list?

Write more this year

Finish a manuscript

Get an agent

Self-publish a book

Actually know if I made money from publishing

Sound familiar?
Don’t let your writing career goals go the way of so many resolutions. Stick to them by creating a business plan for your writing career this year.

Colorado Romance Writers has an inexpensive workshop, only $25, January 6-31, 2014 on how to write a business plan for authors, offered by yours truly.

We’ll be using the ideas and tools in The Coffee Break Guide to Business Plans for Writers to help you.

– Set SMART goals
– Use your right-brain to create a visually appealing plan you can show off
– Create a budget
– Track your sales and promotions
– Do a competitive analysis that is as fun as a trip to the book store
– Evaluate your plan
and do it all on your coffee breaks!

Sign up on the CRW website

Hope to see you there!

Best Wishes,

Amy Denim