Hurray! It’s release day for the newest book in the Coffee Break Guides series today.

The Coffee Break Publishing logo which is a stylized cup of coffee


Say hello to the Coffee Break Guide to Business Plans for Writers: The Step-By-Step Guide to Taking Control of Your Writing Career.



Cover of the Coffee Break Guide to Business Plans is brown on top with the title and a stylized coffee cup in white; the bottom is blue with a small picture of a part of a keyboard. Where the enter or return button should be is a key that shows a picture of a coffee cup and says coffee break.


“After reading this book I was ready to start writing my author business plan. The steps Denim gives are exactly what I needed.” ~ Heather Lire, author of the Holiday, Vermont series. 











When you first started writing all you thought you needed was a good story, the right words and the time to write. But there’s so much more to a writing career than putting words on the page. Having a business plan is a big part of moving your writing from being a hobby to a profession. But who has the time to sit down and write a report style tome filled with scary numbers and boring mission statements. The Coffee Break Guide to Business Plans breaks the ideas you need for your plan into manageable parts that you can work on during your coffee breaks and takes the traditional business plan sections and transforms them into ideas for your creative brain.
You’ll learn:
– How to create SMART goals
– How to track your query letters, book sales, rankings and more
– How to create a budget for your income and expenses
– How to evaluate your plan
– What you need to do to become an author entrepreneur!

Buy this book and take control of your writing career today!

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***To celebrate the release of this book,

it will be on sale for 99 cents until Jan 1, 2014.***

When you grab your copy, feel free to stop back by the blog and leave a comment. Can’t wait to hear how you all like the book.

Best Wishes,

Amy Denim