Here’s a quick Coffee Break Blogs idea for you. You can copy and paste any of the information below to use in your own posts.

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Every couple of days or so one of my favorite writers, Jill Shalvis, shares a picture of her view while writing. They’re usually photos of a shining lake, picturesque pine trees and sometimes a painting-like snow-covered landscape. And I’m always insanely jealous. See, I write in the basement where my outside view is of the window well, which is usually covered in fly corpses caught in the spiderwebs.

To counteract the less than inspiring landscape I often find pictures of places I’ve been or want to go and post those in my office. They’re great inspiration for setting in my novels.

Here’s my latest inspiration.

 Rays of sunshine shine down through dense trees on either side of a shadow speckled road

Fantastic possibilities are down this road

I also try to hit a couple of writing retreats a year and always take snapshots of those writing views. This year I got to spend a week in Paradise Valley, Montana. Inspiration, coming up.

A green field with a lone tree. Under the tree is a wooden bench. Sunshine surrounds the tree, but the bench is shaded.

That little bench is calling my name

Here’s an idea for a quick Coffee Break Blog that you can do using inspirational writing view pictures, too.

Blog Title: This view today has got me inspired! #amwriting
Blog post content:
The walls of my office seemed a little uninspiring today so I’ve found this picture of (describe your ideal view). Wouldn’t this make a a great setting in my current WIP – (Working Title)?

Add Media: Use Flickr or a few of your own pictures to find a great view picture. Then paste it anywhere in the blog post. It might also be fun to post a photo of your actual office for comparison.

Question: I love hearing from my readers, so tell me, what are some of your favorite views? You can post pictures to my Facebook page (now list the link to your page – example Use the hashtag #GreatViews and tell me why you like this scenery. I’ll chose a few of your favorite pictures and post them on the blog.

Follow up blog: When you get a few responses to your post you can do a follow up post, just like this one, but thank the fan/follower for some new inspirational writing views.


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Tell us,writers, what’s your favorite writing view?