Love it or hate it, Twitter is a very popular place for superfans to stalk, uh, find their favorite authors.
I have lots of fun in the land of 140 characters because I’m an instant gratifaction kind of girl, and (hopefully) I can actually talk to people.
What can an author do on Twitter?
I talk all about in one of the chapters in The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media.
Here’s a few ideas for you.
Announce your upcoming or latest book.
Have a Tweet Chat with fans.
Post pictures of your inspirations (aka hot cowboys)
Ask research questions
Find writing buddies (Try #1k1hr. #amwriting and #NanoWrimo)
Make friends
Write stories

Wait, what was that last one? Write stories? On Twitter?

Sure, why not? I hadn’t thought of it until I watched a Ted Talk by cool Twitter dude, Andrew Fitzgerald.
If you’re bored with the same old @s and #s, watch this and see if you don’t get inspired to write some #TwitterFiction

I love the idea of creating a Twitter account for a character or specifically to tell stories. Would you do it?

Happy writing,
–Amy Denim