Five tips to promo your book on social media

Welcome to Social Media Saturday! Today we're talking about how to tell people about your book, new book release, event, etc, without being an irritating spammer. Here are 5 tips to do that effectively: You don’t have to be shy about promoting when you do it the right way. Here are five tips that I've [...]

Five Tips easy for using Social Media Successfully

Welcome to Social Media Saturday! In The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers I talk about how the core of social media is to actually be social. But how do you do that in the age of automation and spam? Here are five tips to social media success: 1. Posts that actually provide [...]

A Whole menu of Coffee Break Guides for Self-Publishing

Hey writer friends, welcome to Self-Pubber Sunday. Today I'm talking about book trailers and how to save money. Whether you're self-publishing or tradionally, book trailers are a fun way to get some notice for your books, but man can they be expensive. If you try to do it yourself it can take almost as long [...]

Hurray! The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing is finally here!

It was a long haul and even though I self-publish my own books, it took a truckload of research, but it's finally here. I'm so excited to announce the launch of the third release in my line of business books for authors - The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing: The Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Writing, [...]

A book cover is worth a hundred thousand words

In The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing one of the topics I jumped on my soap box about was book covers. Here's my main point - Don't do them yourself. Please. People actually do judge a book by it's cover, so you want yours to be the best it can be. That means hiring [...]