In The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing one of the topics I jumped on my soap box about was book covers.

Here’s my main point – Don’t do them yourself. Please.

People actually do judge a book by it’s cover, so you want yours to be the best it can be. That means hiring a professional to design it.

It will cost you anywhere from five dollars (if you use someone on Fiverr) to thousands of dollars (if you use someone like Chip Kidd.)

Who is Chip Kidd and why would you want to use him? Well, first of all you can’t unless you’re a Big 5/6 publisher. But, if you had the money and the company, you would definitely want him to design your book’s cover. He’s devoted his life to doing exactly that.

In 2012 he presented a hilarious, and yet very serious, TedTalk about designing book covers.

Do you really want to know what makes a great cover?

Watch this:

Even though he gets a little cranky about ebooks, his points about graphic design and typography 101 are fascinating. The way he is able to give you a sense of the story though his use of pictures and how they all fit together is brilliant.

A great graphic designer might be able to do the same for your book.

Happy writing,
–Amy Denim