It was a long haul and even though I self-publish my own books, it took a truckload of research, but it’s finally here. I’m so excited to announce the launch of the third release in my line of business books for authors –

The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing: The Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Writing, Publishing, and Promoting Your Own Books

The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing cover has a picture of a hand holding an open book with a lightbulb and the word success coming out of it

Available Now in Ebook and Print


Do you want to publish your own book?
Good, you should!

Whether you’re an experienced author dipping your toes into self-publishing or you’re working on your debut novel this guide can help you.

You’ll learn

    • What it takes to write the book (and finish it!)
    • Everything to you need to get ready before you publish from your book description to formatting to developing your author platform
    • How to have a great launch day without the stress
    • What to do after you push publish to keep your sales going
  • Plus get access to special resources to make your publishing business a success!

The Coffee Break Guide to Self-Publishing is on sale now at the introductory launch price of 50% off. Buy it today and start your career as a published author.

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