Welcome to Social Media Saturday!

Today we’re talking about how to tell people about your book, new book release, event, etc, without being an irritating spammer.

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Here are 5 tips to do that effectively:

You don’t have to be shy about promoting when you do it the right way.

Here are five tips that I’ve found work really well.

1. Remember to sound human and authentic –  People want to be spoken to sincerely. Feel free to be casual and comfortable with your fans. Get excited. I’m a big fan of using words like Yay! and Woot!

2. Focus on the benefit of your book for your readers – You don’t necessarily need to ask people to buy from you; instead, talk about what’s in it for them. Think about using part of your book blurb. Try starting out with the line: If you like…

and then fill in the blanks.

If you like paranormal teenage zombie romance then I Love You for Your Brains is the book for you!

People are always looking for read alikes – Try using books like yours to give readers an idea of why they’ll like your book.

Have you been looking for a new book like Fifty Shades of Grey but with a plus-size heroine? Try out Curvy Temptation.


Would you like to read Teen Wolf meet Queer as Folk? Here’s your book –>The Boy and His Wolf

Also, try using a branded link that you can track. I’m a big fan of Bitly.

3. Don’t repeat your message a million trillion times

It’s totally okay to post your book promo more than once. Different people are on at different times of the day and with the decline in Facebook’s organic  views not everyone you want to see the info about your new book will see it. So go ahead post a few times, but I don’t mean once an hour every hour for a week.

4. Don’t just sell, provide value and be engaging

Give readers a taste of the book with some excerpts, tell them why you wrote this book, give some down and dirty on a favorite character. Don’t just sell the experience and feelings by being engaging with your posts. Remember would in real life.

5. The 10 to 1 rule

Just because you’re pimping out your book right now doesn’t mean you should halt all other social media posts. For every one promo you should still be putting out another nine that aren’t promo. Keep up with the funny cat videos and other fun stuff you do on a regular basis, just throw some of your promo posts in with it.

Got more suggestions and ideas for making social media successful?

Leave them in the comments, let’s start a discussion. I’m always happy to hear from other writers and readers and we can all learn from each other.

Happy Writing,