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Monthly Archives: June 2015

How creating a Press Kit for your book will make your life easier (and what to include)

Are you scrambling to put together some efforts to launch your new book? Or maybe your sales have dropped and you need a push. Wait, I know, a fabulous and easy promo opp has dropped into your lap. Any which way you need to do some marketing. Maybe a blog tour can help or […]

5 Ideas for Book Promo – Quick & Easy Contests

Contests are a great way to generate buzz for your books. I’m a fan of giving away books as prizes. Why? Because your target audience are readers! If you’ve got some sway (like bookmarks, cover flats, etc) that you want to include too, those are great rewards for fans. But giving away some of […]

Coffee Break Tips for Busting Writer’s Block

Whether it’s the internal editor squashing your creativity or major life traumas (like having teenagers) crowding your brain, every once in a while the words just won’t come.
Wouldn’t we all like to go on a vacation or writer’s retreat to refill that creativity well? But, that’s not realistic most of the time (although, if […]