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Have you been thinking about doing some author brand building or book promotion

  • Create a Word doc/OneNote/Evernote page with everything you’ll need for the chat like pre-drafted posts, images, links to your books, your other social media, sign up for your newsletters etc. Have it open and ready for your chat so you can just copy and paste your posts.
  • If you’ve got a press kit (see this post for creating a press kit), grab that file so you can use your prepared links, bio, excerpts etc and simply copy and pasted into your chat document.
    • Bonus tip – Use a link shortener/link click tracker service like Bitly to see how many hits you get on your links to your books, social media, website, etc. It will help you get a nice measurement on how effective your chat and time spent are.
  • Create some images you can use on any chat – www.picmonkey.com is an easy way to create those pics. Be sure to brand the pics to match your author/website/book/series branding. Use things like – Ask Me Anything, Contest (with details), Newsletter sign ups. You can make these specific to this chat event or generic so you can use them over and over.
  • Prepare enough posts to be able to share one and interact for about 10 to 15 minutes. So, for an hour long chat have at least 4 to 6 posts ready. It’s a good idea to have 1 of 2 back-up posts in case you change your mind mid-chat or see that another author did the exact same thing as you.
  • Have an event theme. It can and should match your book or the promotional even you’re doing. For example if you are doing a summer/beach reads promotion do a beach/relaxation/spa day theme. Find music videos (search on YouTube) that you can post during your chat. Create a graphic to post not only on the event page but also your profile, fan page, and profile pic.
    • In multi-author scheduled chats be sure to pay attention to who is going before and after you so you can do a shout out post to each of them. Be sure to begin and end on time so you avoid posting over another other’s posts

  • Make as many of your posts are open-ended questions as you can. The chat should be about the readers. Remember, people love to talk about themselves. Ask for recommendations, suggestions, ideas or in kind replies. For example if you share something like a music playlist/ soundtrack for your book ask the readers/fans to share some songs they think would be great additions.
  • Here are a few ideas of posts to share
    • A trivia tidbit ready to share about your book(s), like what inspired a certain scene or how you’ve actually been to a place in the book etc.
      • This is a great place to share your Pinterest boards
    • Contests are a quick and easy way to get lots of interaction. Need some contest ideas? Check out this post.
    • Pictures are worth a thousand likes. Post a picture of your hero/heroine/villain/cat, say something about how you like men (or cats) who are (cowboys, billionaires, sexy nerds, etc) and ask the readers to post their favorite pictures of that same archetype.
    • Ask me questions about…(your books, your writing life, etc)
    • Recipes – something that goes with your book, your characters, the season, your chat theme, your own personal favorites. Think drink, snacks, etc.
    • Cast my book – Ask readers to share which movie stars they would cast as the characters in your books if it were to be made into a movie
    • Book trailers. You spent time (and/or money) having it made, this is the perfect place to share it. Remember to include your buy links in the post.
    • Excerpts are the perfect way to attract new readers. Be sure to include the buy links at the end.
    • Your writing playlists/ a soundtrack for the book. YouTube or Spotify are great places to create these and are easily shared.
    • Other books like yours that your readers might recommend to you to read (this one is great for finding antecedents and other authors you might be able to do cross promo with)
    • Let one of your characters hijack your Facebook/Twitter account. Let your readers ask questions and answer as your character might.

For more ideas on how you can use social media to build your platform and promote your books check out my book The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers: How to be Successful on Social Media and Still Have Time to Write.

 Questions or do you have more ideas for author chat tips or posts to share? Hit me up in the comments below. Share your thoughts with me and other authors!

Happy Writing,
Amy Denim