Picture of a downloading bar showing 47% of an MP3 downloadedAre you trying to keep up with all the publishing news, tips, tricks, updates, and ideas so you can keep up with the landscape and business of writing, publishing, and selling books?
Yeah, me too. But there’s too much. I’m on information overload. I can so easily get lost in hours clicking from one article to the next, trying to make sure I’ve got the latest and greatest information.
I was spending way more than a couple of coffee breaks on this every day, and while it’s a good use of time, it’s not the best. (The best is writing more books!)
Until I started listening to publishing podcasts.
Thank goodness.
Now I pop up a podcast on my writing coffee breaks while I’m working out, or while I’m in the car. I’ve gotten truckloads of tips and tricks and feel like I’m at the forefront of publishing news.
Here are my favorite podcasts and the ones that I think are totally worth spending your coffee breaks listening to.

The Rocking Self-publishing logo which is purple letters with a swish in the 'O'1. The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast with Simon Whistler
This is the podcast I go to first every week. (Probably because Simon has that James Bond British accent thing going on. #LoveIt). The show is usually around an hour long and Simon interviews somebody super smart and successful. Plus, the show notes have action steps and links to follow for later if you are listening while washing dishes and can’t take notes.


The Sell More Books Show logo is green with a stack of books2. The Sell More Books Show with Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen
This is where I get most of my news for the week. Way better than CNN. (Unless of course Jim is cranky and needs a Snickers.) No, seriously the duo play off each other well and often don’t agree which helps show the whole picture of the tips and news they gather and discuss.

Bryan also runs BestPageForward.net and AuthorCopy.com where he offers lots of copywriting services like writing your books descriptions. Jim runs Author Marketing Club.

The Author Strong logo is a blue circle with the letters 'A' and 'S' in the middle and it's wearing headphones3. Author Strong with Mat Morris and Nancy Elliott
This is a daily podcast around a half an hour long, and I occasionally get behind and have to start binge listening because this show is the real deal. Like, I wanna be friends with Mat and Nancy.
Mat is a multi-published author who is mentoring Nancy, who is just starting on her self-publishing journey. They talk goals and processes and strategy, plus they have guests that talk about everything writers want to know about. They also have a Facebook group filled with writers that if you join could totally become your mastermind group.

Picture of Joanna's head, her hair blowing in the wind and her logo which is the word creative with a pen for the 'I'4. The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn
Yay for women writers! Joanna has a business background and she’s totally on my wavelength. She interviews all the smarty-pants writers and delves out all the goods on how to boost your career and treat it like a business. She also has free downloadables on her website to help authors as well as great courses you can take.



The Self-publishing podcast logo which is a book wearing headphones5. The Self-Publishing Podcast 2.0 with Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David W. Wright
These guys are such…guys. They poke fun at each other, talk about all kinds of weird shit, and I’m waiting for the fart jokes. But, they are on top of writing, publishing, and repeating that. In fact, they wrote a book you need to read called Write. Publish. Repeat. They also do live Hangouts and have a bunch of other podcasts under their Sterling and Stone FM station.


Honorable Mention – The Writing Renegade with Carl Plumer The Writing Renegade logo which is yellow and red with an exploding book
Carl is hitting on some topics that are really important to writers that no one else out there is covering right now, like how to use WordPress. Nice. Those podcasts are very short and sweet, easily listened to on a coffee break. He also does interviews that run a bit longer, 30-45 minutes, including one with me!
Check it out on SoundCloud here or iTunes here


Do you listen to podcasts? Are there any you simply love that I’ve missed or is there one you want to recommend? Let me know about it in the comments.

Happy Writing (and listening!)

–Amy Denim