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#NaNoWriMo? The Perfect Next Step

I heart NaNoWriMo. I always write way more words in November than any other time during the year. The challenge always is what to do with those words once you've got them on the page. Here are your next steps. Step one - Walk away from the manuscript It's great to give your WIP and [...]

If you create anything you need to listen to this. #MakeGoodArt

Some days I need a little extra inspiration just to make it through the day, much less get some words on the page. I've listened to billions and billions of motivational speeches and looked up quotes. Today I found one of the best motivational speeches for being an artist...evah. If you are an artist (and [...]

5 Writing Podcasts Totally Worth Listening to on Your Coffee Break

Are you trying to keep up with all the publishing news, tips, tricks, updates, and ideas so you can keep up with the landscape and business of writing, publishing, and selling books? Yeah, me too. But there's too much. I'm on information overload. I can so easily get lost in hours clicking from one article [...]

7 ways to make Facebook chats painless

  Have you been thinking about doing some author brand building or book promotion Create a Word doc/OneNote/Evernote page with everything you'll need for the chat like pre-drafted posts, images, links to your books, your other social media, sign up for your newsletters etc. Have it open and ready for your chat so you can [...]

5 Ideas for Book Promo – Quick & Easy Contests

Contests are a great way to generate buzz for your books. I'm a fan of giving away books as prizes. Why? Because your target audience are readers! If you've got some sway (like bookmarks, cover flats, etc) that you want to include too, those are great rewards for fans. But giving away some of your [...]

Coffee Break Tips for Busting Writer’s Block

Whether it's the internal editor squashing your creativity or major life traumas (like having teenagers) crowding your brain, every once in a while the words just won't come. Wouldn't we all like to go on a vacation or writer's retreat to refill that creativity well? But, that's not realistic most of the time (although, if [...]

Use the Muse

Use the Muse to Write Your Business Plan The first part of writing a business is often to put together a mission statement. Doesn’t that sound super, umm, boring? Yeah, I thought so too. So I transformed this dull, no fun task into something I could relate to. I understand the muse. Well, when she’ll [...]

The Thirteen Minute Business Plan

Thirteen Questions to Build Yourself a Business Plan Have you thought about putting together a business plan? But, oh, it’s such a long and complicated process. Ugh. Why bother, when you could spend your valuable time writing. But, wait, what’s this? A guide to help authors write a business plan on coffee breaks? Okay, so [...]

Take Control of Your Writing Career with a Business Plan

Take Control of Your Writing Career with a Business Plan So you’ve decided that you want to take control of your writing career. Yay! Well done. And to do it, you’re going to write a business plan. You smart cookie, you. What should you include in your business plan? A traditional formal business plan typically [...]