7 ways to make Facebook chats painless

  Have you been thinking about doing some author brand building or book promotion Create a Word doc/OneNote/Evernote page with everything you'll need for the chat like pre-drafted posts, images, links to your books, your other social media, sign up for your newsletters etc. Have it open and ready for your chat so you can [...]

5 Ideas for Book Promo – Quick & Easy Contests

Contests are a great way to generate buzz for your books. I'm a fan of giving away books as prizes. Why? Because your target audience are readers! If you've got some sway (like bookmarks, cover flats, etc) that you want to include too, those are great rewards for fans. But giving away some of your [...]

Five tips to promo your book on social media

Welcome to Social Media Saturday! Today we're talking about how to tell people about your book, new book release, event, etc, without being an irritating spammer. Here are 5 tips to do that effectively: You don’t have to be shy about promoting when you do it the right way. Here are five tips that I've [...]

Five Tips easy for using Social Media Successfully

Welcome to Social Media Saturday! In The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers I talk about how the core of social media is to actually be social. But how do you do that in the age of automation and spam? Here are five tips to social media success: 1. Posts that actually provide [...]

A Whole menu of Coffee Break Guides for Self-Publishing

Hey writer friends, welcome to Self-Pubber Sunday. Today I'm talking about book trailers and how to save money. Whether you're self-publishing or tradionally, book trailers are a fun way to get some notice for your books, but man can they be expensive. If you try to do it yourself it can take almost as long [...]

#TwitterFiction – I just might try it

Twitter. Love it or hate it, Twitter is a very popular place for superfans to stalk, uh, find their favorite authors. I have lots of fun in the land of 140 characters because I'm an instant gratifaction kind of girl, and (hopefully) I can actually talk to people. What can an author do on Twitter? [...]

Pre-order The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing!

I'm super excited to announce the next book in the Coffee Break Guides series! The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing! Ta-da! (You can tell how excited I am based on the number of exclamation points!) Available November 2015 Do you want to publish your own book? Good, you should! Whether you're an [...]

The Coffee Break Way to Use Pics on Social Media

It's Social Media Saturday! Today's Coffee Break Tips and Tricks is all about using pics on social media. Why would you want to do that? Because posts, updates, blogs etc get more engagement that posts that are just text. Who has time to go around taking pictures all the time to post them? Photographers. Ha [...]

Is it lunchtime already? My social media uh-ohs

I love Some E-cards because of the true, but snarky insight into the world, especially when it comes to social media. My own biggest social media fail? The space-time vortex of Facebook, Twitter, etc known as The Timesuck. (Dun dun duhhhhhhhhhhn) Uh-oh. How many times has this happened to you? Last year I'm [...]

Coffee Break Guide to Social Media Goodreads Giveaway ends Jan 3

Want to win a copy of the Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers: How to Succeed on Social Media and Still Have Time to Write? There are three copies available over at Goodreads, but the giveaway ends in just a few days. Enter quick before it's over.   Goodreads Book Giveaway The Coffee [...]