7 ways to make Facebook chats painless

  Have you been thinking about doing some author brand building or book promotion Create a Word doc/OneNote/Evernote page with everything you'll need for the chat like pre-drafted posts, images, links to your books, your other social media, sign up for your newsletters etc. Have it open and ready for your chat so you can [...]

The Coffee Break Way to Use Pics on Social Media

It's Social Media Saturday! Today's Coffee Break Tips and Tricks is all about using pics on social media. Why would you want to do that? Because posts, updates, blogs etc get more engagement that posts that are just text. Who has time to go around taking pictures all the time to post them? Photographers. Ha [...]

How in the world do you add custom tabs to a Facebook Fan page?

You know those little boxes that are under your landing page picture on your fan page? How the heck do you get those to do anything besides show photos, videos and likes? I've been researching exactly that! And all I can say is oi. Could Facebook have made it any harder? Probably. But, never fear! [...]