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Resources from The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers

Coffee Break Social Media Plan Template


Resources from The Coffee Break Guide to Business Plans for Writers

If you like to print things out and hand write on them try the PDF files

If you would like to be able to use your computer to play with these worksheets and templates try the Word and Excel versions

  • Coffee Break 10 question mini-business plan (now with bonus questions!)
    PDF    Word
  • Coffee Break Business Plan full-length template
    PDF      Word
  • Book by Book Business Plan template
    PDF     Word
  • Your Goals (One, Five, Ten-year plans) template
    PDF    Word
  • Monthly/Yearly Evaluation
    PDF   Word
  • Author Entrepreneur Checklist
    PDF     Word
  • Writing Schedule and Progress (A word count tracker)
  • Your Bookshelf – A Competitive Analysis
    PDF  Excel
  • The Bank – A Budget and Royalty Forecasting template
  • Queries Tracker
    PDF     Excel
  • Sales and Rankings Tracker
  • Beta Reader Questionaire
    PDF     Word